Why New Bloggers Should Not Choose Blogging as a Niche

Girl Thinking Why New Bloggers Should Not Choose Blogging as a Niche

Whenever the new blogger comes in the blogging world, then the first question that arises in his/her mind is that which niche should he/she select and what he/she should write under that niche.

Some new bloggers think that they should choose blogging as a niche which they think is a very easy topic and its content will never come to an end and they will be able to write on it for a longer time easily but this their myth. Because as they are new in the blogging world, they don’t have much knowledge and experience of blogging.

We will explain it to you with a very simple example from our normal life. Suppose a person has knowledge of science but he decided to give tuition’s of mathematics to students. Do you think he will be able to teach the students in right way? You will obviously say no because he deprived of knowledge regarding math’s. He should at least have read math’s for 3 to 4 years i.e. he should be graduate in mathematics.

So the same case applies here. We are not saying that you should not choose blogging as a niche. We only mean that you must have experience of at least 1.5 to 2 years in this field (may be on any niche). Because if you choose blogging as a niche you will be able to write 10 to 15 articles only. After that you will start thinking that on what topic you should write or what you should write under any topic. Then the new buddies start copying the content from the popular blogs and rewrite their articles. This means you are sending your readers to the wrong way and making their blogging future in danger. And your readers will be with a hazy knowledge after reading your articles.

So our advice is that choose your interest and passion as a niche. Like if you are interested in technology choose that as your niche. And if you are interested in sports then you can choose sports a niche. And thus if you choose your interest as a niche you will never get bored from your work. And you will enjoy doing blogging.

You might be thinking that we are too new in blogging because bloggingbloggers.com has been started just 4 months ago. But we have experience of two years on our other blogs, one of which was based on technology and other on beauty and health.

My blogger friends if you face any problem regarding niche selection then you can contact us. We are always there for you.

Hope you will like our article on Why new bloggers should not choose blogging as a Niche. Your suggestions are always welcome.

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